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Our Mission Is to Support and Educate Young Tibetans and Monks

     H.E. Senge Tenzin Rinpoche is the reincarnation of
Drubthob Senge Yeshe, a very close disciple of the
great Drikungpa Jigten Sumgon known as the second
Nagarjuna. Jigten Sumgon had foreseen the coming
of Senge Yeshe, his heart-son. Senge Yeshe has a
special connection with Mt. Kailash and the surrounding
regions in Nepal.

     In 2000, Senge Rinpoche traveled on a nine-month
pilgrimage to Mt. Shei-Re-Drugda in Dolpo. While
witnessing the hardship of villagers and the dilapidated
and deteriorated Gomoche temple, Senge Rinpoche
sensed the sincerity and deep-rooted belief in Buddhism
from the villagers.

     Rinpoche decided to resume his responsibilities from
previous lifetimes. He is now practicing his mission in this
lifetime to re-build the ancient temples on the borders, to
accommodate the lamas’ learning and living, and to magnify Buddha’s teachings, thus benefitting all motherly sentient beings.

    You may enjoy these new pictures from the Kailash Monks..

Picture of Senge Tenzin Rinpoche, Kailash Zone Foundation

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information from his website.

Photo - Rinpoche with graduating monks

Senge Tenzin Rinpoche and Denchen Yeshi

The Mission and Opportunity for Sponsorship 

     The Violet Flame Stupa Foundation supports the mission of H. E. Senge Tenzin Rinpoche through his Kailashzone Charitable Foundation, officially recognized by the Government of Nepal.

     For the past six years, Kailashzone continues to support and educate over fifty children; maintains five monasteries and provides intensive Buddhist teachings and empowerments.

     We invite you to sponsor the education of young monks. Your donations are essential in providing Tibetan children with the opportunity to attend school, to learn and practice their native culture. Your generosity may be a child’s only opportunity to live, study and practice their religion that has been denied to them in their native country of Tibet (now under the control of the PRC, Peoples’ Republic of China).

     Many special children are waiting for your contribution to change the course of their lives. They will cherish being rescued from rural poverty to become an educated, contributing member of their Tibetan culture.

Tibetan orphansHappy Tibetan Children Monks

Tibetan Children learning, swimming, petting a dog, standing in front of building



 Tibetan Monk Tashi - An Exemplary Life


       Khenpo Konchok Tashi is the president of Kailashzone Charitable Foundation in Nepal. The Foundation's mission is for the preservation of the culture and tradition of Mount Kailash region of Tibet and Nepal. The Kailashzone Charitable Foundation sponsors student monks and cooperates with Antahkarana Society International for the school project for Limi's children in Nepal. Khenpo Tashi takes responsibility for Senge Rinpoche's Dharma activities in Tibet, Nepal and India.

       Khenpo Tashi was born in Purang, western Tibet. At the age of 12, he was ordained a monk. For four years while in Gungphan Monastery in Purang he learned basic Tibetan language and monastic education which include rite and ritual performance.

       In 1991, Khenpo Tashi escaped to India through Nepal and he joined the Jangchub Ling Monastery, the main monastic Institute of the Drikung Kagyu Order in India, he took his ordination vow by His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang. Khenpo Tashi studied Buddhist philosophy intensively for nine years. He graduated in 2000 and was offered the position of Kyorpon. "Kyorpon" is second position to Khenpo. The Kyorpon duties is an assistant to a Khenpo who teaches Buddhist philosophy. At the time Kyorpon Tashi taught both Tibetan language and Buddhist philosophy in the Drikung Kagyu Institute.

       While he was pursuing his training in Buddhist philosophy, in 1999 Khenpo Tashi accompanied a group of monks of the Drikung Kagyu Institute on a world tour to raise global awareness of the Drikung Kagyu Order of Tibetan Buddhism. The group was very successful and during the tour, he was able to meet hundreds of devoted western and eastern Buddhist practitioners and made many friends all over the world. Khenpo Tashi was also given opportunities to teach and discuss Buddhism with spiritual brothers and sisters.

        In 2004, on completion of the Drikung Kagyu Monkey Year Teachings at Lumbini in Nepal, Khenpo Tashi was formally given the title of Khenpo in the presence of His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche, the Head of Drikung Kagyu Order and thousands of monks, nuns and devotees gathered from all over the world. "Khenpo" is the equivalent of Geshe, an Order of Tibetan Buddhism. It is the highest title a monk can earn through studying Tibetan Buddhist philosophy. Those monks who have the title Khenpo usually teach Buddhist philosophy and hold higher positions in the monasteries.

        In the past 7 years, Khenpo Tashi has made several trips to foreign countries with some of the most respected Drikung Kagyu masters and he also went on his own to teach the Tibetan language and Buddhism. On a recent trip to Limi located in northwest Nepal Khenpo Tashi gave some Buddhist philosophical teachings to the monks of 3 monasteries in Limi and was productive in pursuing educational projects for children of Limi in Nepal.

Tashi smiling in the sunshineTashi reading an ancient scroll
Tashi with a FriendTashi with Senge TenzinRinpoche
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