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Inspiration behind the building of the Violet Flame Stupa with the assistance of the Tibetan monks.
Pilgrimage to Lands of the Buddha

     From the hustle and bustle of New Delhi to the remote regions of Ladakh, people living in these areas have a sense of joy. They go through their daily lives with a smile. In the ancient villages of Ladakh and Nepal, the older folks are always with prayer beads reciting their mantras.

     I had an awareness that I was in places where the great masters walked. And while I knew some of the truths of life through my living guru Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Ascended Master Mark L. Prophet, I had a personal experiences with Gautama Buddha, Mila Repa, Padma Sambhava and Maitreya.

     In Varanasi, I was up before dawn to go to the Ganges River on a boat to see the sunrise. Here I was participating in a morning ritual of paying homage to the Mother of us all, the Ganga River.

     This river of life, whose spiritual ruling deity is Lord Shiva, flows from the Himalayas through northern India. It was with awe that I saw the sun rise over a mystical mist on the east side of the river over the mountains.

     I symbolically cut a lock off my hair in the river Phalgu where Siddhartha cut off his hair when he gave up his ascetic life and found the "Middle Way".

     The presence of the Buddha was very much felt in the caves leading up to the venerated Griddhakuta Hill in Rajgir where Gautama gave his first sermon. These small caves were places where Gautama Buddha took refuge. In every cave a candle was lit and I gave a prayer for the awakening of mankind to the mysteries of the dharma and the violet flame decree.

Ganges River at Sunrise
Buddha Pilgrimage

     My most memorable spiritual experience was in the Holy of Holies, the diamond throne chamber of the Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya. Here is where a bowl of fruit and a lotus flower were provided as an offering. As I meditated in my little corner, I found myself one with the Buddha, as if time stood still, and to this day when I reflect on that moment I re-visit that special feeling.

     On the other side of the temple was the Bodhi Tree with a small shrine under it. I could not stop thinking that I am kneeling in the same place that Gautama Buddha was and my gratitude
overflowed for the blessing I received.

     As I traveled through these holy sites my inner prompting spoke to me about Jesus being in the same places I was, following the footsteps of the Buddha. My experiences were unforgettable and provided the inspiration for this website. Helping the monks is the mission for supporting the Kailash Region. And I pray for the awakening of mankind to the mysteries of the dharma and the violet flame .

Denchen Yeshe 

Walking towards Buddha Statue in India

1. Lumbini - Birthplace of Prince Siddhartha2. Vaishali - Prince becomes and Ascetic3. Rajgir - Meeting the Teacher

 1. Lumbini-Birthplace of Prince Siddhartha   2. Vaishali - Prince Becomes an Ascetic             3. Rajgir - Meeting the Teacher

Gautama Buddha
4. Bodh Gaya - Gold Buddha

Map of India and Buddhist Pilgrimage 4. Bodh Gaya
4. Bodh Gaya - Buddha Enlightenment

5. Sarnath6.  Nalanda7. Kushinagar

5. Sarnath - Buddha Gives 1st Sermon      6. Nalanda University -- Buddhic Avatars
         Taught the Dharma

 7. Buddha Died Here at Age 81
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