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     Welcome to The Violet Flame Stupa Foundation website! You are invited to scroll through the following pages to learn about the wonderful blessings brought forth by the stupa.

     This particular stupa is special. In two separate photographs (taken one year apart) a violet flame appeared in the base of the stupa. On both occasions, the violet flame appeared in the photograph immediately preceding the consecration by the Tibetan monks.

     Learn why and how the stupa was built by private funding and on private property. The Tibetan Monks participated in the design and the final building stages of the stupa.

     The Violet Flame Stupa arcs between East and West, uniting us together through many blessings. I hope that you, too, will support the Kailashzone Charitable Foundation and their mission.

     You can learn more on our Tibetan Culture page, and also on the Tibetan Monk's website -

                    Thank you!


     The violet flame is a tool
of self-transformation. It is
a unique spiritual energy that
can help you in areas of your
life. It can heal emotional and
physical problems, improve
your relationships, help you
to grow spiritually, or just
make life easier. It is like a
cosmic eraser, transmuting
negative karma.

     The flame is the essence
of a unique spiritual light.
Mystics of all ages have
glimpsed a “spiritual spec-
trum” behind the physical
spectrum. The violet flame
comes forth from the violet
ray, which has the qualities
of mercy, forgiveness, free-
dom and transmutation.

     The color violet has long
been associated with spirituality.
Having the highest frequency
in the visible spectrum, violet
is at the point of transition
to the next octave of light.
To the ancients, this transcen-
dental color was a spiritual
rather than a physical

     The violet flame has been
released to the public as a
Piscean dispensation for
individual and planetary
transmutation as a mercy
from the higher octaves of
light, Ascended Masters
and Saints and Buddhas.

     From the higher octaves
of light, the Violet Flame
Stupa is the manifestation
of violet light seen in the
physical for the blessing of

Tibetan Yellow Hat Monks
Young Tibetan child
Tibetan Monk Students

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